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Caterpillar Model 15 Tracked Tractor



The tracked Caterpillar 15 is demonstrative of the specialty tractors that developed in the twentieth century.  The agricultural crawler tractor was developed to reduce soil compaction and handle rolling terrain. Fitted with tracks instead of wheels, it “floated” on the soil much like snowshoes on snow. This feature made fieldwork possible earlier and later in the season when the ground was soft. The crawler was powerful, but slower and harder to control than a wheeled tractor.

Current Location:

Tractors Exhibition, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum


The tractor was acquired from a Saskatchewan farmer and collector. He purchased it from the estate of a local farmer/collector and restored it. That owner had in turn purchased the tractor from its original owner. The original farm on which this tractor was used was near Rosetown, Saskatchewan.

Technical Information:

The Caterpillar 15 had a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a magneto/hand-crank start. It offered 3 forward gears and 1 reverse.

Manufacturer Information:

Caterpillar Tractor Company is an American company headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. It still exists today and is most commonly known as CAT.

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