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Agriculture and the Environment School Program

Agriculture and the Environment

What’s that smell? In Agriculture and the Environment, your secondary students will spend 2 ½ hours investigating earthy issues like manure management, crop protection, and organic farming.

Consult this Educational Activity Kit for ideas to extend the learning — and the fun! Agriculture and the Environment Educational Activity Kit

Program Description:

Students attempt to solve thorny agricultural issues as they trace agriculture’s evolution and environmental impact. As students tour the barns and exhibitions, they explore topics like:

  • crop protection
  • organic farming
  • manure management
  • recombinant DNA technology
  • bees’ importance in food production

This program will stimulate discussion on the role farmers have in maintaining sustainability of their farms and the environment.

Curriculum Links:

Grade 7                Science and Technology — Understanding Life Systems  Secondary Cycle 2 Competency 5 — To construct his/her understanding of the world
Grade 8 Science and Technology — Understanding Earth and Space Systems    
Grade 9 Science and Technology — Understanding Life Systems
Grade 11 Science — Biology, Environmental Science    
Grade 12 Science — Biology, Sciences        

Help students prepare by downloading the related Educational Activity Kit.

Teacher Tips:

The Museum is also a demonstration farm. Please advise students of potential hazards and dress appropriately (boots, outdoor clothing, etc.). See more pre-visit tips or download the pre-visit information PDF.


$9 per student, $1 per chaperone (group leader is free).
A minimum fee of $144 will be charged per group.


To reserve this program call 613-991-3053 or 1-866-442-4416 (toll free). You may also complete the online reservation form or email

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