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Chews Wisely Educational Activity Kit

Chews Wisely Educational Activity Kit

Guar gum, annatto, fructose … foreign language? No, you’ve had them for lunch! The Chews Wisely educational activity kit gives your students the tools necessary to understand what’s in their food and to make wise food choices. Through activities, experiments, games, and worksheets, your students learn:

  • which nutrients help them to grow, have energy, and stay healthy
  • how the Canada Food Guide helps them balance their diet
  • how to interpret the Nutrition Facts found on food labels
  • why food additives and preservatives are found in foods
  • how to plan healthy meals and set reasonable goals for a healthy life
  • why daily exercise is important in maintaining good health

This kit links to curriculum requirements in science and technology, social sciences, health and physical education, language, mathematics, and the arts.

Test your students’ new health and nutrition knowledge by borrowing the Food for Health travelling exhibition.

Curriculum Links:

Grade 5   Science and Technology — Understanding Life Systems Primary Cycle 3 Science and Technology, Competency 1 — To propose explanations for or solutions to scientific or technological problems
  Health and Physical Education — Healthy Living   Science and Technology, Competency 2 — To make the most of scientific and technological tools, objects, and procedures
  Science and Technology —Understanding Life Systems Physical Education and Health, Competency 3 — To adopt a healthy, active lifestyle


Free. Download the Chews Wisely educational activity kit at no cost.



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