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Meet the Farm Animals School Program

Meet the Farm Animals

Program Description:

Did you know that a sow carries her piglets for three months, three weeks, and three days? That a dairy cow can drink up to one bathtub full of water every day? Students use their senses to discover the characteristics and needs of dairy and beef cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, and bees. What do they eat? Where do they live? Are all farm animals mammals? Why do pigs have hair and chickens have feathers? Students uncover the reasons why we raise these animals, and explore the environment in which they live as they see, touch, hear, and smell the Museum’s livestock.

Consult this Educational Activity Kit for ideas to extend the learning — and the fun! Meet the Farm Animals Educational Activity Kit

Curriculum Links:

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Science and Technology Preschool Competency 5 — To construct his/her understanding of the world
Grades 1 and 2 Science and Technology, Understanding Life Systems Primary Cycle 1 Science and Technology — To explore the world of science and technology

Consult this Educational Activity Kit for ideas to extend the learning — and the fun!

Teacher Tips:

Dress appropriately for farm and weather conditions. Make name tags to help the Museum Educator build rapport with students. Bring lunch to eat in the outdoor picnic area. To prepare, see more pre-visit tips or download the pre-visit information PDF.


$9 per student, $1 per chaperone (group leader is free).
A minimum fee of $144 will be charged per group.


To reserve this program call 613-991-3053 or 1-866-442-4416 (toll free). You may also complete the online reservation form or email

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