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Easter at the Farm

Come celebrate spring’s arrival at the Museum this Easter weekend! After a long winter, the barns have come alive with the arrival of newborn animals. Come welcome the soft little lambs, marvel at the rabbits’ silky fur and observe the fluffy newly-hatched chicks and ducklings from up close. Visitors can learn about the transformation of cacao beans into chocolate while helping make a chocolaty recipe and taste a delicious sample. What’s more, the annual egg hunt is on again – children 6 years-old and younger can participate in the egg hunt for tots while older children can take on the challenge of hunting for the “signs of spring” throughout the barns. All this from Good Friday through Easter Monday at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum!

Change to Admission Fees: March 25 to 28

Please note, parking at the Museum will be free during Easter, in order to minimize lineups in the parking lot. As such, the admission fees for March 25 to 28 have changed.

 Family (2 adults and 3 children):  $30
 Adult:  $11
 Student / Senior:  $10
 Children 3 to 12:  $9

As always, members receive unlimited free admission.

  • Don’t forget to wear your boots, it’s muddy at the Museum in the spring!


Learning Centre

Extraordinary Eggs! (ongoing activity)
Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore…they can be fun and fascinating too! At this station, visitors will discover all kinds of interesting facts about eggs, compare a variety of types of eggs, and examine uniquely decorated eggs.

Meadowview Barn

Meet the Chicks and Ducklings (ongoing activity)
Can a chick hatch from one of the eggs in your fridge?  How long does it take for a chick and duckling to hatch? What is a layer ? Get the answers to your questions about chickens and ducks and meet the newly hatched, fluffy chicks and ducklings.

Demonstration Kitchen

Cooking with Chocolate (10:00, 12:00, 2:00)
What better time of year to indulge in some chocolatey goodness than Easter... But do you know where this sweet treat comes from or how it is made? Come to the demonstration kitchen to learn more about the transformation of cacao beans into chocolate and help make a delicious cake that is sure to satisfy your cravings (if you haven't already eaten your fill of eggs...).

Small Animal Barn

Meet the Lambs (9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30)
What would Easter be without soft, gentle lambs? Come meet the Museum’s woolly newborns up close at this demonstration. Visitors can learn all about the sheep life cycle and the different breeds of sheep living at the Museum. A Guide will be on hand to make possible the opportunity to pet the lambs as well.

Meet the Rabbits (10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00)
Although rabbits are typically looked at as family pets, they are frequently raised on farms for both their fur and meat. Visitors will be able to learn interesting details about the rabbit’s life cycle as well as the reason behind the rabbit’s close association with Easter.  Lastly, interested visitors will also surely get the chance to pet one of these special Easter animals. 

Dairy Barn

Afternoon Milking (4:00)
The milking of the Museum’s dairy cows takes place twice daily.  Over the course of this demonstration, visitors will be impressed by the technologies used in modern dairying as they see the herdspeople milk the entire herd. A Museum guide will be on site to explain the process and to answer questions.


Easter Egg Hunt for Tots (ongoing activity)
The Easter Egg Hunt for Tots will take place in the barns and exhibitions.  Children 6 years-old and younger can take on the challenge of finding 3 paper eggs hidden throughout the Museum grounds.  Once they bring them back to the Museum Guides, they’ll be rewarded with a sweet Easter treat (chocolates).

Signs of Spring Egg Hunt (ongoing activity)
Children aged 7 years-old and older will need to work a little harder to be rewarded in this egg hunt…A Guide will explain how to locate the clues that will help them find the “signs of spring” on this Easter-themed scavenger hunt so that they can exchange their completed answer sheet for chocolates.

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Food Services ($)

The Hot Potato Company will be on site to offer food services.

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