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Food for Thought Lecture Series

Traditional Soyfoods: Developing New Varieties for International Markets

How much do you really know about soy? Canada grows and exports soybean to markets around the world for soyfood production. Learn more about traditional soyfoods such as tofu, natto and miso. For each soyfood, discover the process of developing new varieties for Canadians to grow and sell to soyfood markets. Learn about the science of soybean seed composition and genetic control as a way of increasing supply.

The presentation will be in English only with a bilingual Q & A.


Dr. Elroy Cober Dr. Elroy Cober

Elroy Cober is a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre. Elroy holds a Ph.D. in crop breeding from the University of Guelph. Elroy grew up on a mixed farm in Southern Ontario. He also spent three years in the late 1980s working as a soybean breeder in Zambia with his program targeting the needs of small scale farmers.

Elroy has worked at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre on the Central Experimental Farm as a soybean breeder since 1996. The soybean breeding program has a focus on specialty food type cultivars, primarily for the Asian export market, adapted to the short-season areas of Canada. In addition to yield, agronomic traits and stress tolerance, Elroy works to understand the genetic control of photoperiodism as it relates to time to flowering and maturity, as well as functional seed traits which are important to soybean food producers.

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