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Thanksgiving Weekend

To celebrate the harvest, join us at the Museum where you will be able to learn how simple and easy it is to prepare heart healthy soup made with corn, squash and beans - known as the Three Sisters. The aboriginal legend of the Three Sisters will be told in our demonstration kitchen and an indigenous chef will feature an Algonquin cuisine workshop in the Learning Centre. Want easy and tasty mini baked apple cider donuts to serve this Thanksgiving? Learn how to make delicious mini baked donuts, made with seasonal apple cider. Explore several pumpkin varieties and learn about the pumpkin’s life cycle. Children are invited to get creative with a fall themed craft and play with a corn filled sensory bin. Other activities include the perennial favourite apple cider making as well as livestock-related demonstrations.


Apple Cider Making and Tasting (10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30)
What happens to all the apples that are bumped and bruised and not perfect to eat out-of-hand? They are pressed and turned into cider! At this demonstration, visitors can make good use of their energy to help operate the press and will of course be able to taste the fruits of their labour at the end.

Algonquin Cuisine Workshop (from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
The workshop will be in English only with a bilingual Q & A.

Chef Cezin Nottaway Chef Cezin Nottaway from Wawatay Catering presents a workshop featuring Algonquin cuisine. Come discover how she prepares bannock, moose stew, wild rice stuffed mushroom caps and Pikoodinigan, a maple reduction dessert using Awazibi maple syrup.
Bio: Cezin is an Algonquin born and raised in Rapid Lake, QC. She currently resides in Kitigan Zibi with her family. She is the chef and owner of Wawatay Catering. Wawatay Catering specializes in traditional and modern Algonquin cuisine.

Pumpkins (ongoing activity)
Explore the different pumpkin varieties and learn about the pumpkin’s life cycle. Interesting pumpkin facts will be shared throughout the day.

Apple IQ (ongoing activity)
Test your taste buds in this apple guessing game! Visitors are invited to sample apple pieces and guess their variety.

Kid’s Corner (ongoing)
Play dough station, story book corner and children’s craft.

Fall Farm Sensory Bin for Children (ongoing)
Sensory bins are meant to provide children with exploration time. Children are encouraged to touch, feel, manipulate and discover small objects hiding in a sand box filled with corn kernels.

Farrier Demonstrations Saturday, October 8th only at 2 p.m.
Many visitors may not know that the Museum’s horses (and Molly the donkey) all get routine hoof care. Farrier John Brent will be on hand Saturday to demonstrate this essential element of keeping horses hard at work and healthy.

Mini Baked Apple Cider Donuts (10:00 and 2:30)
Want easy and tasty treats to serve this Thanksgiving? Learn how to make these delicious baked donuts made with fresh apple cider. Also, the history of Thanksgiving in Canada will be shared, and a sample of this flavourful dessert will be offered.

Three Sisters Soup (11:00 and 1:30)
Join us in the demonstrations kitchen and learn about the First Nations peoples’ traditions of cultivating corn, squash and beans. The First Nations story about The Three Sisters (corn, squash and beans) will be told. Our youngest visitors are invited to help prepare a delicious soup made with these ingredients. All visitors are invited to sample the soup.

Other Demonstrations:

9:30 Rabbit Care
10:15 Groom a Calf
11:15 Meet the Chickens
2:00 All About Bats
3:00 Meet the Flock Guardians
4:00 Afternoon Milking


Tally-Ho Wagon Rides ($) weather permitting (10:00 – 2:00)
Enjoy a tour through the fields of the Central Experimental Farm on the Tally-Ho wagon pulled by the dynamic duo, Paul and Padrig, the Museum’s Clydesdale horses.

Food Service ($)
The Hot Potato Company will be on site to offer food services.

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